Surgery – Buttock augmentation – many more!

As sugar land plastic surgery has become a fixture in middle class America, it has become an option for teens as well as adults. According to statistics kept by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) nearly 225,000 adolescents between the ages of thirteen and nineteen underwent some form of plastic surgery.

sugar land Plastic surgery for teens is a delicate issue, as it can involve permanent changes in physical appearance for someone who is still growing physically and emotionally. Every surgeon’s concern is that the teen who wants plastic surgery really wants it and wants it for the right reasons.

According to an interview in U.S. News and World Report with current ASPS president Richard D’Cartin:

“When a teenager who is younger than 18 comes in for the consultation, he or she must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. We first sit down and discuss the patient’s request…we make sure it’s something the teenager actually wants. Especially with sugar land plastic surgeons.

“You can tell when people want something or if they’re simply there because mom has expectations of the teenager’s appearance…We find out if the teenager’s expectations are realistic and ask them point-blank why they want the surgery. They have to be able to talk and communicate their desires and not just parrot what someone else told them.”

Dr. Cartin goes on to differentiate between reconstructive plastic surgery for teens and cosmetic procedures. There are reconstructive procedures that are entirely appropriate, such as ear pinning and breast surgery to correct an inverted nipple. For cosmetic procedures however, the doctor urges caution to all parties concerned. Rhinoplasty is a great way to solve some issues.

He suggests that the surgical procedures deemed appropriate for teens are rhinoplasty and ear surgery, provided the patient is doing it for her/himself and not for a parent, boyfriend or girlfriend. Breast reduction may be appropriate – in fact, may be deemed reconstructive surgery – for girls whose breasts are already causing back and shoulder pain. Breast reduction is also an option for adolescent boys, who will occasionally undergo an inappropriate growth of breast glands and tissue due to a hormonal aberration. sugar land plastic surgeons can fix you right up.

Beyond those choices, reputable cosmetic plastic surgeons are going to proceed with caution. Patients over the age of eighteen are considered adults and may make their own decisions on whether or not to seek cosmetic surgery. For those under eighteen, breast augmentation is probably not appropriate as the breasts may not have grown to maturity. It should also be noted that oral contraceptives can lead to an increase in breast size – in this case, after they may have been artificially inflated with a saline implant.

Dr. Cartin suggests that sugar land plastic surgery is not a great option for weight loss.

“It’s generally discouraged in teens younger than 18 with weight problems. It’s recommended that weight loss is addressed and controlled with diet and exercise. The body contouring technique is not a weight loss tool, and that is true at any age.”

ASPS statistics show that plastic surgery for teens doubled between 2002 and 2006. However a closer look at the statistics shows that much of the growth has been in non-surgical, minimally invasive procedures. Further, the numbers show a nine percent drop in overall cosmetic procedures for teens from 2006 to 2007. In fact we have great surgeons here in sugar land.

Nearly half of the total cosmetic procedures performed on teens in 2007 were laser treatments for skin or hair removal, microdermabrasion and chemical peels. Many of these procedures may have been for acne – a reasonable scenario. However there were also over 11,000 Botox treatments for those teen wrinkles!

Actual surgical procedures were forty percent of the total teen cosmetic procedures in 2007. Of those, nearly half were rhinoplasty. There were also a significant number of breast reduction procedures for males and ear pinnings.

These figures suggest that the large number of teen cosmetic surgery procedures may well have been for good reasons. While breast augmentation was among the top five surgical choices, those surgeries amounted to just 3% of total procedures for the year. sugar land plastic surgery is a great way to go about surgery.

An oversized nose, big ears, acne scars – these are adolescent issues that can follow a child into adulthood, where self-consciousness over appearance may well remain a problem. The fact that plastic surgery is available to teens when self-image is an acute emotional matter is a good thing, provided both the patient and the surgeon are convinced that the surgery will meet the patient’s goals and remain a positive choice into adulthood.